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A One on One Counseling to Unwind your Mind

  • 1 hour
  • 1,250 Indian rupees
  • Location 1

Service Description

This will be a one on one session with our Psychologist, wherein you will be in a comfortable space and will have 60minsutes of a session to talk to her. Our supportive, mental health professional will help you so that’s it easier to cope with issues, equip you with coping strategies when dealing with emotions and crises that arise, and enable you to achieve emotional balance and wellbeing. Our psychologist is well equipped with cognitive therapies that help and make it easier to break down the issues and cope up, or even talk therapy to just feel lighter and healthier as a person towards your well-being. Meeting a psychologist is always a great idea, there is lots of reflection. Insight, a process which eventually leads us to a better life. Benefits Wellbeing and balance for a better life Gives you time and space to work through your problems. Helps you gain a different perspective on issues and problems. Provides a safe, non-judgemental, respectful environment/space. Think clearly and make better informed decisions. Helps to become more motivated, confident and assertive. Helps to tap into our true highest potential state. Helps to improve relationships with self and others. Professional guidance Anyone can go for a counselling session. Our psychologist deals with Kids (7 to 18 years) and Adults (18 to 35 years) We recommend you to take a session once a week at least. And if required for twice a week then as per your process with the psychologist can be decided. Whatever homework or self reflection is given to you by the psychologist in the course of your sessions we would recommend you to try and mindfully do that as it will help your process yield better effects. A single session with the psychologist is not enough, as processes take time. For reliable improvement we would recommend at least 8 to 10sessions minimum. This can increase as per the process and will differ from client to client as per their own unique process and progress. A counselling session is a great way to become more self aware. When to engage When you feel any kind of distress. When you feel too heavy or loaded and want to just vent your feelings and thoughts out. When you want a broader perspective towards things. When you have extreme feelings and thoughts about yourself and life that may seem to hamper your daily life functions. When anything affects you little or more, that you would like to process and not let it become a hindrance.

Contact Details

  • +91 9993199991

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