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Delivery & Returns


All our Wellbeing Techniques are digitised and will be shared in the form of a document containing the links to each of the products connected to a Facebook Tribe with like minded people. Buying any of the digitised products ensures a lifetime access to the link and the community tribe of the product. One must be accessible to facebook to to directly view the activity to save the activity for offline use. This way the user does not have to worry about storage space on any of the devices and can access the file with the click of a link on any device. Worksheets attached, if any with the service can be downloaded and printed for use.

The terms and conditions on each digitised product will be attached in a separate document with a guide to the activity, the benefits pertaining to the activity and guidance from a professional to undergo the activity successfully and experience maximum benefits. 

All counseling services, individual or group, booked online can either be redeemed in person in Pune, Maharashtra or via live meetings scheduled by us, of which the selection must be made at the time of the booking. The duration, course and beneficial actions for best results will be shared with the client, based on personal evaluation, during the live sessions and on an email thereafter.

Cancellation and Reschedule policy

Cancelation of a booking must be made at least 48 hours prior to availing the service or, or must be provided with a medical emergency document if failed to do so. Rescheduling of any service must be documented at least 24 hours prior  to the service. The rescheduling of the service can be done based on further slots available.

Program Cancellation must be documented before the start of the program with valid reasoning for opting out due to scheduling before entering the tribal community. Rescheduling of the assignments of the program must be informed with prior notice and must be finished during the duration of the course time.

Cancellation of digitised products in single sets is not a part of the store policy since the access to the links will be granted immediately, however the assistance and issue for best use of the product can be directed with one on one consultation, depending on the severity of the problem, decided by the team.

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