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Customer Care

We at TEA Flags, value the uniqueness of each of our clients and have made provisions to resolve their conditions through one on one attention personalised sessions. Our Team has taken painstaking effort to build a system to reach out to each individual digitally, that ensures a lifetime access to our activities along with a personalised touch through virtual meets.

Each of the activities ensures a pre-booked consultation call for your support, with a duration that is necessary for the respective activity. For any further assistance, our options of live virtual consultations across the globe can be booked online from our bookings section on the website.

Our Team of Professional Consultants address the experiences of our users to ensure a guided path in undergoing healing.Our users have a lifetime access to our Community Tribes, where the questions, responses, experiences of the users are addressed. We genuinely believe in the potential of wellbeing of each individual and believe in assisting a particular individual to excel based on redefining their existence and unleashing their hidden strengths.

Confidentiality Clause

All the information shared with our clients and by our clients with respect to their experiences follow professional confidentiality norms. Any audio or video that needs to be taken are done so with prior permissions of the client. All kinds of information is processed in an unbiased manner during and after the sessions. All sessions are based on counseling ethics of being non-judgemental and empathic towards all clients. In the course of the process, if need be, the client may be asked to attach a guardian or a trusted person for support, under mutual understanding. Respecting Human Rights and Dignity and protecting the safety of our clients is our top most priority. All our sessions adhere to the terms of ensuring Integrity of Practitioner Client Relationship.

The phone numbers, emails, or any other contact details are shared with third party applications for smooth delivery of the products or services enrolled to. All data provided is used strictly for delivering products smoothly, so far as third party applications are concerned.

Group Bookings

TEA Community building believes the larger goals in society can be achieved with the activation of small groups of like minded, unbiased and non-judgmental participants working together in harmony to better their own lives first, and then spread on the vibes in the community creating an individual and a group influence at large. We aim at building happier families, healthier workplaces and coherent communities who influence each other to bring out each individual's strengths and compassionate allies.


Group Bookings and Corporate Orders must be booked for 20 - 25 participants in each batch, where the topic/issue to be addressed is mutually decided by the psychologist and the corporate/ group. In person, the corporate must ensure the required space needed for the movement in the premises; and in case of an online group/ corporate booking, each participant must ensure the space mentioned for movement.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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